About Us


Singapore Building Materials Suppliers' Association


The Singapore Building Materials Suppliers’ Association was founded in 1929 by several senior members of the association to connect with each other and exchange business information. As most of the building materials operated by its members at that time were timber, it was originally named “Singapore Timber Merchants Association”.

Due to the development of The Times, the different kinds of building materials were changing and diversifying with each passing day, so the materials of our trade were no longer limited to wood, but expanded to iron bars, cement, grindstone tiles, bathroom equipment, acoustic panels, etc.

In 1965, The Association changed its name from “Singapore Timber Merchants Association” to “Singapore Building Materials Suppliers’ Association” to catch the new trend and expand the scope of membership.


90th Anniversary Issue

Building Materials Association has gone through many ups and downs along the way. Thanks to the good foundation laid by our predecessors, the concerted efforts of the Board of Directors, the enthusiastic support of the majority of members, and the spirit of never giving up, The Association continues to play the role of a bridge between the government and building materials industry, providing a rare platform for interaction and communication between industries.

We look forward to the successor to bring forth the new through the old, irrigating the trees with care, so that it will continue to sprout and bear fruit.