Singapore Building Materials Suppliers' Association

Singapore Building Materials Suppliers' Association

Unite the Same Trade,
Advance with The Times,
Care for The Society,
Face The World

The Singapore Building Materials Suppliers’ Association was founded in 1929 by several senior members of the association to connect with one another and exchange business information. As most of the building materials operated by its members at that time were timber, it was originally named “Timber Suppliers’ Association”.

Due to the development of The Times, the different kinds of building materials were changing and diversifying with each passing day, so the materials of our trade were no longer limited to wood, but expanded to iron bars, cement, grindstone tiles, bathroom equipment, acoustic panels, etc. In 1965, the Association changed its name from “Fang Suppliers’ Association” to “Singapore Building Materials Suppliers’ Association” to catch the new trend and expand the scope of membership.

Strengthening International Business Ties

The Association is committed to assisting members to develop diversified businesses regionally and internationally, strengthening business relationships with domestic and foreign affiliated business groups.

Caring for Community Welfare

Over the years, we have actively participated in community public welfare and charity undertakings, carried forward the fine traditions of the Chinese people, and stayed on the frontlines to help the victims.

Improving with The Times

With the rapid movement of The Times, our association inherits the solid foundation of its predecessors, uniting its members, strengthening the co-operation and contact with related affiliations, marching forward towards the goal of transforming into a society.

Our Activities

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For a long time, The Association has provided a platform for members to connect and communicate, building a bridge between members and the relevant authorities, timely delivering relevant information. In addition to Chinese New Year and organizing Chinese New Year celebrations, we also hosted lectures, overseas visits and other acitivities from time to time.

Memorable Shangri-La Dinner Party

90th Anniversary Dinner

On 1 November 2019, The Association held a grand dinner at Shangri-La Hotel to celebrate its 90th anniversary. China’s Minister of National Development and Second Minister of Finance Huang Xun Cai was invited to be the Guest-of-Honor at the dinner, which was attended by leaders from overseas China-ASEAN Business Council, Indonesian Hajime General Association, Cambodian Builders Association and Malaysian Hardware Machinery Building Materials Association.

Friendly Match

90th Anniversary Golf Tournament

The 90th anniversary series began with the golf Friendly Match. The golf match was held on 10 May at Hu Ji Country Club. Yishun District Councilor Dr. Lee Mei Hua was teh chief Guest-of-Honor. A total of 112 masters participated in the game and 140 guests attended the banquet. This is the first time that the Association has hosted a golf tournament on its own. It is a great achievement to have the support of the Six Merchants Association, Timer Manufacturers Association, Glass Association, Huang’s Association, as well as the directors, members and golfers.

Our Activities

90th Anniversary Dinner

90th Anniversary Dinner

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Our Committee

It has been a long way to come to the present stage, braving all odds in time of adversity. Today, our association is still in existence and growing!

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