Through The Long Years

Our Heritage


The Singapore Building Materials Suppliers’ Association was founded in 1929 by several senior members of the association to connect with each other and exchange business information. As most of the building materials operated by its members at that time were timber, it was originally named “Timber Suppliers’ Association”.

At the beginning of its establishment, the office was set up in Fu Chun Lin Fang Gallery. Members often drank tea in the office, discussed market prices and so on, and would gather to connect with each other on festive occasions. According to the elders’ word of mouth, there were only a few member chambers of commerce at that time : Fu Chun Lin, Zhen Rong Xing, Ji Mao Xing, Zai Qing Xing, Jian Lian He, Sen Lin and Fu Chang Yuan.

Due to the booming business after the establishment of the association, the original club address, Fu Chun Lin Fang Gallery, is not enough for the business.

After discussion , members rented 241C Victoria Street, Xiao Po 2nd road, as a new club location in 1941. Mr. Sun Bing Yan was unanimously elected as the first president of The Association. Under his leadership, our association began to revise its constitution and develop its business. When the meeting was thriving, the Japanese army invaded the south like a nightmare hit, with immediate beacon fires everywhere, people living in poverty, our association was forced to suspend all meeting activities.


Our Heritage

Regroup for the New Opportunity

In 1945, when The Japanese surrendered and Singapore recovered, all ruined industries were in the process of recovering. Under the organization of Chairman Sun, our association reconvened members and took the Forest Company as a temporary club to actively carry out the activities of the association and seize the business opportunities of the rapid demand for building materials due to the post-war economic recovery.

Our association vigorously recruited member companies. Due to the development of The Times, the kinds of building materials were changing and diversifying with each passing day, so the materials of our trade were no longer limited to wood, but expanded to iron bars, cement, grindstone tiles, bathroom equipment, acoustic panels, etc.

In 1965, The Association changed its name from “Fang Suppliers’ Association” to “Singapore Building Materials Suppliers’ Association” to catch the new trend and expand the scope of membership. In the same year, The Association raised money to purchase a flat at 409C Jalan Besar Road for the new club location.

In 1967, our Association together with the Hardware Machinery Association, Ship Materials Chamber of Commerce and Suo Luo Hardware and Paint Company Association, collectively sent a letter to the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, requesting the authorities to modify the “import solid stamping” and the result was successfully approved. That year, these six business groups formed the “Six Business Group”; Up to now, the “Six Business Groups” elect rotating chairmen every year and held at least two symposia to exchange information and experience, which has lasted for more than half a century without interruption.

After the post-war reconstruction boom in Singapore, high-rise buildings mushroomed, resulting in a shortage of cement resources. Under the leadership of Chairman Sun, our association asked for the import of cement from the government and distributed it to member companies for resale. After obtaining the approval of the authorities, the cement shortage was solved. 


Our Heritage

Vigorous Vitality Promotes Development

From 1976 to 1988, the membership of our association increased to 129 members with the active recruitment of our two presidents, Tong Zi Jian and Shen Bao He. As the business progressed, our association did not forget to give back to the society and devoted itself to public welfare undertakings. Our Association has actively participated in the National Defence Fund, activities of the Central Narcotics Control Bureau, the sponsorship fo the performance of “Warming the World”, the fundraising activities for the Industrial Accident Relief Fund, and the launch of the fundraising campaign of “Jiageng Chen Award and Scholarship” by the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce.

In 1979,  our Association celebrated its 50th anniversary and published a Golden Jubilee magazine. In the same year, The Association was invited to participate in a symposium held by Nanyang Siang Pau to exchange views on relevant issues faced in the industry.

In 1985, The Association succesfully held the 55th anniversary celebration and published a commemorative magazine. At that time, the supply of fine sand was in short supply due to the massive construction of HDB flats by the government. At the same time, our Association is actively working with five other trade groups to set up six trade group clubs to promote the spirit of solidarity.

In order to break through the narrow limitation of Singapore market and enter the international market, our Association organized a trade delegation to attend the Italian tile and marble exhibition for the first time, and exchanged views with the Italian manufacturers. This trip also solved many problems about the shipment date and quality control of imported tiles from Italy.

In 1982, FuJian HuaMin Co. Ltd. paid a visit to our association and the two sides had friendly exchanges. In April 1985, our association organized a business investigation group to visit China after the reform and openingfor the first time. Our association also visited Minerals Corporation in Beijing, the Marble Processing factories in Tianjin and Shanghai, and sought for wider business contacts and trade opportunities for the same trade.


Our Heritage

Breaking The Record

In 1989, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of The Association, the third commemorative special issue was published, and a grand celebratory dinner was held in the auditorium of the China General Chamber of Commerce. The Guest-of-Honor was Dr. Li Wen Xian, the Minister of National Development and Advisor of The Association. The late Chairman of the General Chamber of Commerce, Yin Hua Lin, and many distinguished guests and business leaders from home and abroad were among the guests.

In 1992, our association sold off the Old Jalan Besar club for $150,000, and with the efforts and support of all the directors and members, raised $320,000 to purchase the current Pao Ma Pu Club on the second floor, providing a better platform for the development of the club.

To promote the exchange and the co-operation with the local-related industries, our association joined hands with the sixth commercial group and other construction industries in 2005 to promote the enactment and implementation of the “Guarantee Payment” Law, which is to a large extent protects the legitimate rights and interests of small and medium-sized building materials businesses and the flow of capital. In 2006, our association initiated and joined the construction professional association, which has 11 trade chambers, and took the association as a platform to strengthen communication and contact with the Construction Bureau and Human Resources Bureau and other institutions, to understand the regulations and information rel;ated to construction materials.


Our Heritage

Going Abroad for More Business Opportunities

To find more business opportunities and in response to the appeal from the government for mid- to small sized companies reforming. tothe ASEAN market in 2015, our association and China-ASEAN business council signed the memorandum of co-operation. At the invitation of Executive Director Xu Ning Ning, our association has visited Nan Tong, Fo Shan, Gui Yang, Jia Xing, and other regions in China successively. Our Association had participated in the exchanges of 10 ASEAN countries’ representatives and local counterparts, looking for business opportunities and establishing extensive contacts.

In 2016, China-ASEAN Construction Industry Co-operation Committee was established in Nantong, our Chairman Huang Shi Rong has been appointed as a member on behalf of the association.

In terms of the internal construction of the association, the association amended its articles of association in 2017, to set up an “associate member” system to encourage more relevant enterprises to join the association. To connect members and exchange industry information, we organize New Year’s group fellowship, regular dinner and seminars and exchange activities with affiliated groups, including the General Chamber of Commerce, the Sixth Business Group, the Construction Association, and the Decoration Association. These activities were actively participated by members.

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Our Heritage

Government's Call For "Transformation" of Business Groups

At the beginning of 2018, after many discussions among all the directors, The Association decided to rent out the existing property, move the club to the business group centre in Jurong Town, and join the common secretariat set up by the General Chamber of Commerce, hoping to share resources and support each other by strengthening exchanges and connections with the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce and 30 other chambers of commerce. This significant decision is also in line with the government’s call for “transformation” of the trade syndicates, in an attempt to improve long-term business dynamics under the guidance of a new group of younger directors.

Looking back, all chairmen and directors who started from the beginning till now have selflessly dedicated their efforts and energies into our association. Hereby, we would like to express our greatest respect to Sun Bing Yan, Lin Yu Quan, Tong Zi Jian, Lin Yu Feng, Shen Bao He, Zong Wang, and Huang Shi Rong (who has been working as our Chairman for 25 years), Honorary President Chen Du Han (who has been working as the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce director) on behalf of our association, as well as the current Honorary President Xu Shu Zhen and Qiu Chuan Qing, directors and members of the association who have been supporting us for decades.

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Our Heritage

90th Anniversary

In 2019, the 90th anniversary of the founding of the association, all the directors made concerted efforts to prepare for the 90th anniversary celebration; on 10 May, we hosted a golf tournament and banquet for more than 100 people at Orchid Country Club to kick off the celebration. 

On 1 November, a banquet of 500 guests was held in Shangri-La Hotel. Guests and business leaders from home and abroad were invited to participate in the banquet. Huang Xun Cai, Minister of National Development of China was invited as the Guest-of-Honor. In addition, The Association also published a 90th anniversary magazine, published a special article to introduce the future construction and development of our country, and also included the history of the six trade groups that have accompanied for half a century, as well as the footprints left on this long road.

In the memory of the successor, but also for reference, and looking forward to the new greater transcendence and breakthrough, so that this century-old tree continues to sprout, blossom and bear fruit. 

黄世荣 会长

Our Heritage

Member of RCEP Industrial Co-operation Committee

ASEAN-China Business Council also appointed Chairman Huang Shi Rong as a member of RCEP Industrial Co-operation Committee in April 2021.

黄世荣 会长

We look forward to succession, innovation, and careful irrigation, so that this century-old tree continues to sprout, blossom and bear fruit.