SBM Social Gathering Dinner 09 November 2022

After more than 3 years of not being able to gather for our regular social gathering due to Covid, we are finally able to meet up and continue with this tradition.

The dinner started off with our Honorary Secretary, Kenny Lim welcoming everybody to the dinner and followed by President Ng Soy Ng’s welcome speech. He commented on the tough business environment all companies are facing now and hope all can unite and through the association, face the challenges together. 41 members from 22 companies attended the dinner of which 5 are new members whom President Ng specially extended a warm welcome to.

President Ng commented that although there were no large gatherings during Covid, except for the inauguration ceremony witnessed by Minister of National Development, Desmond Lee Ti-Seng and online visits to members, the executive committee has been meeting regularly to perform their respective duties. He also hopes to resume on-site visits as soon as possible, allowing members to visit each other and organise social gathering dinners every 2-3 months.  President Ng invites everyone to visit the association’s website regularly to learn more about the association’s activities and actively participate in them. Finally, President Ng announced that the next gathering will be held at our association office in TA Hub unit 02-25 (on January 31, 2023) and welcome all members to attend the lunch gathering and celebrate Chinese New Year together.

8 sumptuous dishes were served during the dinner along with free flow wines, beers and drinks.  Members only had to pay $30 per head as the balance cost was sponsored by our Executive Committee.  2 free seats were also given to new members to encourage them to join in. 

During the dinner, President Ng led the Executive Committee around to toast to everyone, and the social gathering dinner concluded successfully with joyous laughter and karaoke singing.